Submit Your Trail

Spend some of your lockdown spare time exploring your local area and creating your own heritage trail


Pull togehter your text and photos and email them to the TWHF


Send in word format text and individual JPEG Image files

Click Here for more details. 


Select trails will be uploaded to our website for you all to enjoy


Feel free to share photographs of your trails on social medial with us @my_heritage_trail on Instagram


We may look in the future to publish a hard copy of the trails. 


Finally have fun and enjoy yourselves!


Click the link below for a pdf copy of the Zoom Talk John Daniels presentated in conjunction with Northumberland Libraries. 

It includes background, examples, information and templates which you may find useful when producing your own trail. 



Frequently asked questions

In what format do I send my trail to you?

There is a link to a pdf with all of this information just a little further up this page (under 'Submit Your Trail' details) Please prepare your trail in Word format or simply in the body of an email. We need your trail in plain text format rather than a PDF. Please add the words '(Photo 1)' '(Photo 2)' etc within your text to show where your images will sit in your trail. Please then name photos of your trail as 'Photo 1' and 'Photo 2' etc , these should be in JPEG format. This way we will know exactly where to put them in the trail to match up to the text. Then attach both the word document and all the photos to the SAME email (please avoid sending mutilple emails) If you have any problems fitting everything into one email please contact us. If you would like to send us very high quality images, please feel free to send these via a WeTransfer link. Please email your trails or contact us as

Can we post our trail on social media?

Yes please do! And dont forget to tag us in your Instagram posts @my_heritage_trail

How long does my trail need to be?

As long or as short as you like. So long as it is a route that is interesting to you, and you can provide some photograhs to accompany the trail, you can submit to us.

What will you do with my trail?

Most of the trails will be posted to our website, and/or shared on social media. We would like to as many people as possible to try your trail. No personal information will be shared on our website or social media.

What will you do with my personal information?

With the exception of your first name (to name your trail) none of your personal information will be shared online. This includes email, full name, social media handles, address. If you would specifically like your name or social media handle to be included please specify in your submission.

Have you tried the trails out?

Unfortunately not, neither 'My Heritage Trails' nor 'Tyne and Wear Heritage Forum' have road-tested the trials prior to posting on the website. As such we cannot confirm the following: - if the trails pass through private land - if the trails are suitable for dogs or children/families - if the trails are wheelchair accessible - the terrain and level of fitness required for the trail

Can I do my trail alone?

Of course, we recognise lockdown can be a lonely time. So get your hat and gloves on and get out there to discover your trail. Equally this can be a fun activity for familities looking to keep children occupied during the restrictions. It is your trail, be it on your own, with your dog, or in your bubble. We would love to hear from you.

What counts as a heritage feature?

Heritage features can be buildings but also, less obvious existing elements within a village or district: pathways and bridges and other surviving structures from a vanished past: signs and old shop fronts, evidence on the ground of agricultural practice or industrial systems, landscapes and much smaller features such as post boxes or tide stones.